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Dr. Rohlfsen care is very different, even though he still offer straight forward hands on Gonstead Chiropractic care. He also offer another unique method called Advanced Neurophysiological Integration, (A.N.I.). This technique  that is so unique, that no other chiropractors in the Des Moines metro area are able to offer. It is designed to enhance the standard type of care that chiropractors are known for giving.

Why did He  become a chiropractor?

Ever since he was a small child people have commented that I had the gentle strong hands of my father, a once great chiropractor. He always use to rebel against that idea because I couldn’t see myself sitting in a little office listening to people complain all day.  Fortunately he had learned that chiropractic is not only about helping people with pain, but it is a way to help people live fuller, healthier lives!  It’s very fulfilling for him to see people reach their healthy potential through the release of interference in their nervous systems.   It is this concept of wellness through Chiropractic , as well as Spinal Tuning that helps me reach as many people as possible.

Although he is more than happy to help people who are suffering, He feel it is his obligation to help them learn how to live a better, higher quality of life. Kind of like the old adage, “Give the man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach the man to Fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” No matter if they are in pain or not. If you have NO desire to live at a higher quality of existence, then realistically there is nothing Dr. Rohlfsen can really do for you other than constantly patch together a body that is steadily falling apart.

The seed of healing starts from within the patient. If you restrict or inhibit it’s growth in any manner, there is no way you can get better and you will always deal with the same problem as it gets worse over time. Fortunately he has the skill and knowledge to help you grow that seed to it’s fullest potential.


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