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I’m asked quite often why I don’t take insurance and why my monthly fee is so low at just $69 a month.Here is as brief answer to both questions as I can offer.

This Membership Practice is based on the understanding that EVERYONE can benefit from regular chiropractic care and that every man, woman and child should be able to find and afford quality chiropractic care and use it for the rest of their lives to improve and maintain their health and their life. $129 Family plans available too!

(This price is for basic Chiropractic care only other plans are available to fit your budget!)

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It’s more like a long-term investment
than a  short term expense


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Why $69 a month?

  1. It’s a simple fee that anyone can understand

  2. It’s low enough that virtually anyone can afford

  3. The greatest benefits  of chiropractic care come from time and repetition

  4. Flat fee lets YOU know immediately and always what your chiropractic budget is

  5. No surprises

  6. Use your HSA or Flex pay for tax free care!

  7. Prevents conflicts of interest inherent with per visit fees

  8. My recommendations are based on YOUR needs not MY fees

  9. It lowers the financial risk of trying chiropractic care

  10. The Family Membership cost of $129 lets the WHOLE family enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care

Why don’t I take Insurance?

  1. If you don’t have to file insurance claims for your chiropractic care, it helps keep your premiums lower

  2. If you don’t file claims, there’s no entry in the insurance database that could affect your insurance rates or job status in the future

  3. Avoid hassles

  4. Lower my overhead so I can keep my fees low

  5. Reduce paperwork and procedures built around justifying demands of insurance “bean counters”

  6. Insurance is designed for catastrophic occurrences that might require hospitalization

  7. Chiropractic is designed to help you maintain your  health and to keep you OUT of the hospital. Recent studies back this up!

  8. Insurance is betting against yourself.  Chiropractic is betting ON yourself.